Holiday planning is particularly taxing given the numerous options available in terms of destinations, airlines and hotels. Add to that the unplanned delays and hiccups during the actual trip and you will count yourself lucky to have a stress-free vacation. Thankfully, as citizens of the future, technology is here to rescue you, the travelers, from the clutches of stressful traveling. The market is ripe with fun and innovative gadgets to ease your travel woes. Here, we present a list of must-have gadgets for your next trip:

1. Ivation Small Travel Iron:


This one is most suited for a business travelers with uncertainties about travel duration. If you have ever borne a hotel’s laundry and ironing bill, you would know that that road is best left untraveled. Say hello to the Ivation Small Travel Iron. It stays true to its name with a weight of just 1.08 pounds. It has a no-drip function that saves you from spilled water. A quick-heating time of just 15 seconds makes the iron truly irresistible.

2. Planet Traveler Smart Suitcase:


Why carry a power bank and a GPS for your suitcase when they are already packed in your suitcase? The Planet Traveler Smart Case range boasts of the next-gen tech in luggage. They pack in fingerprint scanning, digital self-weighing and GPS tracking. An anti-theft feature makes all your luggage-related traveling worries disappear.

3. ThermaFlex ProCell Heated Insoles:

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If you are traveling to cold regions, your feet are in for a terrible time thanks to low temperatures. Cold feet are not a mere discomfort but may lead to serious conditions like low blood pressure. Portable heated insoles from ThermaFlex can be fitted into shoes of any size. With three temperature settings, the insoles provide a fantastic comfort throughout the feet. The settings of the insoles can be operated smartly from an app so that you don’t have to frequently take your shoes off.

4. Luminaid Packlite Max Phone Charger:

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Trekkers would love this 2-in-1 phone charger. It can be charged using solar power. The charger doubles up as a lantern and provides a respectable 150 lumens of light. While a lantern might sound bulky to carry around, this charger is conveniently inflatable. The innovative gadget is perfect even for hotels and resorts which have unbearably dark areas.

5. Tile Mate:

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Ever lost your keys and wished that there should have been a “Search” or a Ctrl+F button for them? Well, Tile Mate is just the product you have been looking for. These tiles can be attached to all your critical objects like bags, cameras and keys. They can then be tracked through an easy-to-use app which makes the tiles beep. Travel with Tile Mate and you will save on those tense moments spent in searching your misplaced belongings.

6. Camry Digital Luggage Scale:


A usual complaint among travelers is the inability to guess the weight of the luggage. This is particularly annoying at airports thanks to airlines’ rigidity in allowing additional weight. A digital luggage scale is easy to use as you wrap the scale’s band around the bag and lift it. The digital scale from Camry can weigh up to 110 pounds. It also has an overload alert that lets you know if you are about to cross a weight limit. No more last-minute airport hassles.

7. Kopack Anti-theft Backpack that also Charges Devices:

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The smartly designed backpack has the laptop compartment right behind the shoulder straps. This ensures that you can be rest assured from theft of your laptop even while you’re catching a nap while travelling. It also has a detachable USB port for charging your devices. The backpack has separate compartments for better organization and is also water resistant.

8. WT-2 Real Time Earphone Translator:


A major hindrance in mixing with a new culture is the lack of knowledge of the local language. This becomes a huge deterrent when you are travelling to a different country. The WT-2 Real Time Earphone Translator takes you a notch closer to the local culture. The earphone pair is a true conversation enabler. Each person wears one earphone. This allows you to speak in your language whereas the other person hears you in her/his language.

9. Somewear Global Satellite Hotspot:


Without cellular signal, outdoor pursuits come with the disadvantage of getting disconnected from your daily life. There is often a risk of missing an important update or being unavailable in times of emergency. The Somewear Global Satellite Hotspot is a portable device that offers you coverage even in remote locations; throughout the world. The satellite-linked gadget enables you to communicate with its proprietary app so that you are never really disconnected even in far off places. There is also an SOS facility that sends out a distress signal in times of emergency.

10. Espro Portable Espresso Maker:

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It is sacrosanct for a coffee aficionado to not miss out on their favourite coffee even while traveling. The Espro Travel Coffee Press makes sure that you are never away from your brew. It has a dual-filtration technology that leaves you with a fine taste. The vessel itself is vacuum insulated so that it also functions as a coffee mug. Once prepared, you are free to enjoy coffee on the go – a feature that’s particularly appealing to caffeine-loving trekkers.

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