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The mere existence of signs is to make people understand what it denotes. That is why, if you have traveled a lot, you will notice that most places in the world will have same or similar road signs as this is a major security concern. 

However, one of the many joys of traveling is to absorb not just the culture and tradition, but also the extent of humor and eccentricities that people have to offer. Whether it is an unfortunate translation, or an unintentional spelling mistake, or just an on-purpose bizarrely-drawn illustration, funny signs are literally everywhere.

Whether the creators are intentionally trying to be funny (stupid) or not, it is always amusing to spy one of these signs. There is also something really awesome about finding humor in the weirdest of places, especially when you least expect it.

Let’s take a look at some places that took symbolism for a turn. Here are some of the funniest road signs from the world:

1. This life jacket for an overweight person from Croatia transforms into a picture that looks like a you-know-what. We have surely heard of culturally different norms, but this is beyond even that.

road signs unbumf 1

2. Straight to the point, all the way from Maryland, USA. There is something about this government and its unapologetic outspoken nature. You can enter here at your own risk because don’t complain that they didn’t warn you. Putting up this sign was no “accident”.

road signs unbumf 2
3.  WARNING! Ambiguity ahead! We don’t know what this vague sign indicates but consider yourself warned. Apparently of humans, water, bridges and all things confusing.

road signs unbumf 3
4.  This sign from Sweden understands the needs of its people and have their priorities right. God knows this could be used in almost every home that has a grandfather! Indians should make this number their emergency helpline.

road signs unbumf 4
5.  BEWARE! Your childhood ahead! Enough said!

road signs unbumf 5

6.  Now, this can be deceiving. Shouldn’t they at least mention what kinds of hump lie ahead?
This sign is from UAE so you can rest assured that the only humps you will see are either on the road or on camels. 😛

road signs unbumf 6
7. With all the stress, pollution and accidents that surround the drivers, they can use a little bit of cheering up. This perky notice in Maharashtra, India makes sure of that.

road signs unbumf 7

8.  Please keep your eyes open, the wrong kind of feminism ahead? I mean what can this sign even imply? If you are a male person, you are likely to be thrown off into the river. Oh, Africa!

road signs unbumf 8
9. This is fecal matter all the way from Nepal. I won’t say anymore.

road signs umbumf 7
10. Sometimes, you need to make way for drunk people, so that the police can relax a bit. This sign gives a whole new safety edge to New Year’s Eve.

road signs umbumf 10
11.  This misogynistic sign from New Zealand asks you to keep your wits intact and at ease. Also, you might not need it when you enter this lane. Where are all the feminazis when you need them?!

road signs umbumf 11
12. And you thought they were extinct? Well, maybe you did enter the dumb woman’s lane.

road signs unbumf 12
13.Wait, is this sign from the Dadar station in Mumbai or the Rajiv Chowk station in Delhi? Because this sounds just about right.

road signs umbumf 13
14. Apparently, God isn’t everywhere. In case you were wondering, he is in Budapest, Hungary.

road signs umbumf 14

15. So that everyone can get a  good look of you.

road signs umbumf 15

Hope you had a good laugh!

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