Our love for music has been eternal. Tapping along to beats or singing in the shower, there is nothing music can’t assist us in doing. It invokes and inspires, drives and challenges and most of all, it brings us closer to our deepest feelings and emotions. While a good beat can romanticize the worst of days, a bad beat can also spoil the best of moods.

Quoting Ludwig Van Beethoven,

Music can change the world.

For good music to reach us perfectly, a good medium is necessary. And in today’s fast paced life, where everything needs to be portable, our speakers have evolved accordingly. Gone are the days when you need heavy duty, large speakers to listen to loud and bass-induced music. These days, portable speakers are THE accessory to have. With pocket friendly versions that can be taken anywhere you want. From amping up boring college classes to electrifying your trips, they can be a great boon to every activity. Bridging us to the world of soul-touching music.

To help you decide, we have curated a list of the cheapest yet amazing Bluetooth speakers in the Indian market.

1. Portronics Sublime 3

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The Portronics Sublime 3 is a power packed sound system that delivers as per its specifications, and more. The device, of course, comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Further, it comes with an AUX option, a Micro-SD card option as well as a USB option. What’s more is the built-in FM option and surprisingly, an alarm clock option. Now that’s unique!

Moreover, the speaker also has an in-built microphone that allows the user to attend to calls while connected with their cell. Aesthetically, the speaker has a beautiful, minimalistic build that displays the time as well.  An array of buttons on the top and smooth curves around the edges.

MRP: RS 2,999.

2. JBL Go

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The JBL Go is a small, power-packed and kind of adorable Bluetooth device. The cheaply priced speaker is one of the highest customer rated speakers on Amazon with a 4.5 on 5. Released early last year, the speaker is a small, square gadget that allows Bluetooth connectivity as well as AUX-in. Moreover, the inbuilt Lithium ion battery is expected to last up to five hours on a single charge. Supporting both android and iOS devices, it is available in seven vibrant colors. And is incredibly pocket friendly!

MRP: RS 2,699.

3.  Philips BT50

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This mini-kind-of-cylindrical speaker is too cute! While the sound could be louder, Philips BT50 stands true to its features at its price. With a height of barely 8 centimeters and a weight of just 90 grams, it is truly portable and can be taken anywhere without feeling a bulk! However, the speaker only supports Bluetooth connectivity. The battery last well up to 6 hours at a moderate volume level (50%). With an anti-clipping function for reduction of noise, it can be heard from up to 10 meters.

MRP: RS 1,999.

 4. Boat Stone 600

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The Boat Stone 600 is one of the few Bluetooth speakers that truly stands out in the crowd. Its unique design immediately catches the eye. The device is supposed to last a full 8 hours on a single charge. It is Bluetooth compatible along with AUX-in availability. The device has been designed to provide 360 degree sound projection.

Its most unique feature, definitely its USP, however, is the water and dust resistant design. The speaker is IPX6 rated which means, it’s water resistant and can be used for your pool parties as well as your shower singing sessions! At a mighty 10W output, the speaker delivers high quality sound and rich bass.

MRP: RS 3,990.

5. MI Basic 2

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This Xiaomi gadget offers great audio at affordable prices. The speaker is Bluetooth compatible along with dedicated ports for AUX and USB-charging. For user convenience, MI Basic 2 also comes with an inbuilt microphone that allows for easy calling. It is expected to provide 10 hours of playback time at a moderate volume (50%). Aesthetically, the speaker is beautifully built with smooth curves, pretty buttons and elegant color.

MRP: RS 2,699.

6. Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speaker

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A speaker launched by Amazon under their electronics brand name, AmazonBasics, this simple yet powerful speaker is very light on the pocket. With a 4/5 customer rating on Amazon, the speaker offers battery backup of up to 8 hours. Moreover, it also offers AUX connectivity for non-Bluetooth devices. Further, it features a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free calling. A range of 10 meters is offered for the sound projection.

MRP: RS 1,995.

Each of these devices is a great pick. While the MRPs may appear to be high, Amazon offers great discounts for each (almost always!). You will rarely find them costing as high as their MRPs. Bless Amazon for that!

So pick one and get grooving on the move!

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