It may be true that you do not need a lot of equipment to be fit. The only fitness equipment you really need is a decent pair of shoes and something heavy to pick up. However, technology can definitely make exercise more efficient and definitely more enjoyable.

From fitness trackers that tell you how much harder you should work to burn maximum calories to the devices telling you your Oxygen levels, here is a look at some of the most anticipated fitness-related tech. Detailed and advanced, these tools are bound to motivate you to get off the couch and ready to work for a better health.

1. Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

While Fitbit’s catalogue of fitness trackers get most of the attention, the company makes an outstanding smart bathroom scale too. The Aria 2 is a connected device that offers a lot of functionality. The device obviously functions as a scale, but in addition to measuring weight it can also track an athlete’s percentage of body fat and calculate BMI.

The smart scale can store profiles for up to eight individuals, keeping each of the users’ data private and separate from one another. That information syncs wirelessly with a smartphone. This can be used to track trends, displaying charts and graphs that provide a clearer picture of weight loss and overall health, as a result.

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2. The Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender

The Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender ensures you would not end up casually sipping a 700-calorie smoothie with excessive amounts of carbs, fat, or sugar every morning. It is basically a Nutribullet, but with a smart scale installed in its base. This scale pairs with an app. Think of it less as a “fancy blender” and more as a “personal nutritionist.”

It takes everything you already love about the classic Nutribullet (easy operation, powerful and efficient motor, and convenient personal serving cup sizes); and revamps it to track your balance of ingredients. Additionally it guides you to make healthy eating decisions, and helps you reach your personal nutrition goals.

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3. PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator

One of the most commonly neglected areas of any exercise routine is post-workout recovery. Often times we finish a workout, hit the showers, and then head home, ignoring the soreness and fatigue that we feel throughout our bodies. But that soreness can lead to serious injuries if not treated and cared for properly, which is where the PowerDot comes in. This small and lightweight portable electric muscle stimulator provides therapy for your tired muscles and aching joints no matter where you go.

Athletes simply apply the PowerDot pads to the area of the body most in need of attention and use their smartphone to control the level of stimulation. The PowerDot app (iOS/Android) walks users through every step of the process, helping them to use the device to its fullest without the need for any kind of training. When used regularly, runners, cyclists, crossfitters, and other athletes will find that they recover much more quickly and avoid nagging injuries too.

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4. Skulpt Performance Training System

The Skulpt scanner pairs with a smartphone app (iOS/Android) to give users a better sense of their body composition. The device not only measures body fat but the amount of quality muscle that an athlete has too, providing a more accurate all-around assessment of their current physical condition. The scanner can record body fat levels in 24 different areas of the body and provide users a better understanding of which areas to focus on while toning and shaping. The app can even make suggestions on how to do that while tracking progress over time.

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5. Fitbit Charge 3

The latest version of the popular Fitbit Charge is waterproof and has seven-day battery life. With a real-time feel, this gadget automatically tracks and logs everything your body does: steps taken, calories burned, sleep patterns, menstrual patterns (no period diaries necessary!), heart rate, and even the number of laps you run around a track. By using the Fitbit app, you’re able to use this information to set and track goals. But wait, there’s more to this miracle watch! As part of its aim to help you achieve overall wellness, Fitbit will send you reminders when it’s time to move and even provides guided breathing exercises to help you de-stress.

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6. Theragun G2Pro

Used by personal trainers and massage therapists alike, the Theragun G2Pro is nevertheless easy enough for the average consumer to use too. This device provides deep-muscle treatment to athletes, helping to rejuvenate their bodies much more quickly while speeding along their recovery from injury. The Theragun’s uses a unique combination of frequency and amplitude to deliver a message that is intense, but extremely therapeutic, helping to revitalize sore joints, muscles, and other trigger points so an athlete can continue to train at a high level. While incredibly powerful, the device is also lightweight and portable, making it the perfect companion for those who travel for athletic competitions.

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7. Masimo iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter

For serious athletes, finding and tracking heart rate and oxygen saturation of the blood is important. The iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter can do that simply by placing one end on the tip of a finger and plugging the included cable into the lightning port on an iPhone or iPad. The two devices work in conjunction with one another to measure aerobic efficiency. The data gets stored in an iOS app that can track those metrics over time.

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8. Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

Staying hydrated before, during, and after a workout is crucial to achieving your fitness goals. The problem is, we don’t always remember to drink as much water as we should throughout the day. This ends up having an impact on how well we perform when exercising or competing in an event. The Ozmo Active smart bottle wants to change that. It provides friendly reminders of when it is time to take a drink of water. In the meanwhile it also keeps track of how much water (or other liquids) we consume throughout the day. The BPA-free 16-ounce bottle comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, allowing it to sync with a smartphone to track hydration habits over time. The bottle will vibrate to remind you when it is time to take a swig.

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So, upgrade your fitness regime and leverage these miraculously amazing tech gadgets to meet your fitness goals!

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