Technology is fun, amusing, surprising and insightful. It is even more fun if it helps you learn new things in fun ways. A gadget becomes exciting to us when the creators design a technology with the specific goal of making the target users’ experience more joyful. One example of this are the various gadgets for kids available in the market.

So, here we give you a list of some of the best gadgets we think kids should have:

1. Wiggy

Wiggy Gadgets For Kids UnBumf


Wiggy is a cute little Piggy bank for the little ones. It is not just a piggy bank, it is a Bluetooth enabled gadget that also teaches to be responsible. Wiggy does not work with actual money. It connects to a savings account that is set up for any child. The piggy bank gadget can easily connect to your iOS or Android device.

So, whenever a child wants pocket money, she/he can click on the option of asking for a task to be completed, through the WiggyPiggy App. The App puts across a notification of the same to the parent connected on the app. The parent can then can list the activity a child should complete and set the amount the child will earn in return. Upon setting the task, Wiggy lights up and speaks out the set task out loud.

Once the child completes the task and presses “Complete” on the app the money gets transferred to his savings account. Wiggy lights up on each step of this activity and announces the progress to the child.

2. Cozmo

Gadgets For Kids Cozmo Unbumf


Cozmo is a fun little robot that behaves like humans and is designed to entertain you with its unpredictable idiosyncrasies. It is a robot that is specifically made to play with humans. So much so that, it sulks when not played with for long intervals and lights up with excitement when it recognises you. Yes, it has the program that has facial recognition.

Cozmo comes packed with thousands of facial expressions. It also comes with the funny and witty phrases installed in it. It is overall a gadget-cum-toy that makes sure that you stay amused and get amused by doing that.

3. The Right Cup

Gadgets For Kids Right Cup UnBumf


This gadget is made with the aim to encourage the healthy habit of drinking water in kids. The Right Cup is a collection of drinking cups that comes different fruit flavours. The underlying concept of the cup is that when a person drinks water his/her nose picks up the fragrance and the tongue picks up on a sweet taste and the brain signals that there’s a flavour in the water being drunk.

This cup is more for making your kids fall in love with a healthy habit.

4. Bloxels

Gadgets For Kids Bloxels UnBumf


Bloxels is not just another tech-enabled toy. It’s a hands-on, brains-on, creativity and technology experience. Bloxels uniquely unlocks kids’ innate creativity by leveraging something they love: video games. Kids can play fun games and channel their creative potential as they gain greater understanding of important topics like design logic, and computer science and demonstrate their knowledge of history, science and mathematics and more through the games they create.

5. Razor Jetts

Razor Jetts Gadgets For Kids UnBumf


These are heel wheels that are just fun for the kids to have. If a child is into skating then this is something he/she would really love as a gift. The catch is that these are not skates per se, rather are just wheels for your heels.

Also, Razor Jetts come with “Spark Action”, that is whenever you go down the pavement they let out little sparks.

6. Actev Kart

Actev Kart Gadgets For Kids UnBumf


Actev  Kart gets the kids outside to play while they enjoy the fun of kart driving. This kart comes with WiFi and is connected to an app in your smartphone. Thus, a parent can control the kart’s speed and the area of driving through the app. It’s like having a small car circuit for kids wherever you want.

The person handling the app can decide which area is safe for the kids to drive. If there is a need for emergency brake, that is also available in the app.mThis is also a better alternative to video games for the kid.

7. Osmo Gaming Kit For iPad

Osmo Gadgtes For Kids UnBumf


This gadget is a fun, easy to play with and fun-while-you-learn gadget. Osmo works with an iPad. This kit consists of a stand with an attachment for your iPad. Upon unboxing Osmo you also find two packs of games. One is a pack of blocks and the other is a pack of letters from the English alphabets.

Kids can play interactive block design games and word wars with the iPad as the screen for these. They can also play interactive games that will help strengthen their hand-eye co-ordination. This is really a fun way to learn for kids.

These gadgets are not only technologically wondrous but also something that every kid will cherish having to play with.

So, gadgets for kids are not always for spoiling them but also for inculcating various values in them!


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