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Gadgets using Artificial Intelligence

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai once quoted, “AI is a core, transformative way by which we’re rethinking how we are doing everything.”

This transformation has paved its way into our everyday lives and has significantly helped to bring a change in our lifestyle. It has impacted us so much so that each of us desires a personal digital assistant. From alarm clocks to fitness training, from toddler care to home security, AI has it all! It has been incorporated into all the electronic gadgets viz. refrigerator, security systems, robots, TVs, fitness gadgets (Smartwatch, bicycles, etc.) and the list goes on. Here is the list of some of the most impeccable gadgets using Artificial Intelligence:-

1. Vi- The Personal Trainer

The first ever evolving personal trainer living in bio-sensing earphones is one of the most efficient applications of artificial intelligence. These headphones come with a plethora of features which make the fitness regime all the more motivating and exciting.

On demand personal trainer
Vi will coach you towards your goals in real-time, to your favorite music, on your schedule.

Fitness tracker
Vi senses your distance, step rate, and heart rate in real-time and will tailor your workouts based on how you are doing.

Wireless headphones
Vi’s ergonomic design feels great while you work out and pumps beautiful sounding music using harman/kardon technology.

Real time guidance
Vi coaches you in real-time based on your biometrics, making for a more dynamic and effective workout.

Never dread another workout
Vi makes working out fun, more engaging, and fluid. No more static audio workouts.

Faster results
Vi understands your goals and creates a personalized plan to get you there. And she adapts as you go, always guiding you on the most efficient path to your goals.

Vi is always right in your ears, whenever and wherever you are. No more excuses!

Personalized to you
Vi’s sensors allow her to know you better than a human personal trainer. Your workouts become more fun, effective, and personalized because of that.

Vi isn’t cheap, but at $250 is a pretty good deal for a great pair of wireless headphones, biosensors and a running buddy — even if she’s not real. The wireless headphones are great and make for an easy post-run transition from stretching to making a protein shake.

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2. Mycroft – an open source to control your home

Bring the power of artificial intelligence into your home with Mycroft. This cute and clever device responds to spoken commands and communicates with other devices so you can manage your home. From a simple task such as waking you up with a personalized message and the weather to locking up your house when you leave for the day, Mycroft has you covered.

Based with Raspberry Pi 2 you’re able to develop and use your own features as well as share them with the Mycroft community. Until he hears his name, Mycroft does not listen to any conversations. Once activated, you can command Mycroft to play music, start a TV show, and even review your daily schedule. With multiple devices, you can use Mycroft to communicate with other rooms in your house with the speakerphone feature. With Mycroft, you can bring AI to your home.

Mycroft’s multi-platform model allows it to be integrated seamlessly, whenever and wherever you want it.

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3. CHiPK9 Robot dog- A robotic best friend!

With the ability to be trained, loyal, and affectionate, the CHiPK9 will be your family’s new best friend. Just like a real dog, CHiP is playful and intelligent and can recognize you when you wear the smartband. CHiP will even follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you when it’s time for food. With incredible artificial intelligence, this robotic dog adapts its personality to learn simple commands, play fetch, and avoid obstacles.

Being incorporated with a cutting-edge technology, the robot pal comes with some breathtaking features:


BeaconSense gives WowWee products situational awareness, which means that they can sense their surroundings and know where they are in relation to them.


GestureSense allows your WowWee robot to respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes, claps, touch and more.

Bluetooth low energy

BLE allows your product to seamlessly connect to and interact with your smart devices.

Infrared vision

Advanced IR vision processing enables your WowWee robot to “see” and interact with its surroundings.

App enabled

Free app provides control and/or enhanced gameplay on your smart device.

Mecanum wheels

Special wheel design facilitates speedy, omni-directional movement across different floor surfaces.

Touch sensors

Your touch is “felt” using capacitive sensor technology.


Accelerometers & gyroscopes measure g-force and orientation, helping your WowWee robot sense when it is being picked up.

Voice recognition
Speech recognition technology allows your robot pal to respond to its name and a list of commands

CHiP is always aware, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behavior, so there’s no CHiP like your CHiP!

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4. LeEco Smart Bicycle

Chinese company LeEco launches a smart bicycle that’s perfect for active people. Their road and mountain bikes have GPS navigation and built-in fitness tracking. You never have to bike down the street while staring at your phone again. The LeEco smart bikes have a 4-inch Android touchscreen with an operating system that’s specifically tailored for bicycles that helps the rider with navigation and can play music (both online and offline). The bike also includes 4GB of RAM, laser pointers, a heart rate sensor, a built-in speaker, a camera, a compass, a speedometer and a barometer. It also allows you to talk to other LeEco smart bike owners through a built-in walkie-talkie.

In terms of safety and security, LeEco’s new smart bicycles come with automatic on-board lighting, horn, and a security alarm. The company says the bikes automatically notify owners when the alarm is activated, and location can be tracked via the mobile app.

The smart bike, hence is very useful for the voracious riders and bikers.

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5. Netatmo Welcome

The Netatmo Welcome security camera can recognize your face, so it’s able to spot the difference between you, your kids, and an unwelcome intruder who’s after your valuables. That kind of recognition relies on some AI machine learning, recognizing faces from any angle or direction.

Picking out faces puts the Netatmo Welcome one step beyond the standard motion detection in most security cameras – you’re going to get fewer false positives if a shadow passes across the room or your dog wanders by. It can work in a positive way as well, alerting you if the camera spots that your kids or your elderly parents have made it back home, for example.

Beside the AI smarts built into the Netatmo Welcome camera, it can also respond to alarms in your home (for smoke or CO2, for example), as well as store videos locally or in the cloud. Everything is tied together with straightforward apps that are simple to use.

These apps for Android, iOS and the web allow you to tune into a live video feed whenever you like, in addition to the push alerts you get if something important happens when you’re not watching. If you’re an Apple hardware fan, then the camera works with the HomeKit standard as well.

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6. Leka interactive robotic smart toy

Leka is a robotic interactive smart toy from a French startup that’s designed to help children developmental disabilities like Autism learn and communicate better with others. This robotic companion was built specifically to increase motivation and help children with special needs learn and play. Primarily aimed at schools and therapeutic institutes the robot-like toy can be controlled by a teacher or caregiver or can also function in auto mode. Leka acts as a robot friend that lights up with colorful LEDs, plays music and chirps and emits subtle vibrations. Its screen can show facial expressions and display photos and videos. Leka can be customized to define the level of stimulation and interaction for each child based on his or her needs, and it can also play educational games with children and adults.

Through repetitive action, this friendly robot can become a safe and comforting way for children and adults with disabilities to learn more and communicate better.

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7. One more, for the road

BACtrack Skyn is the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor – reinventing the way people track their alcohol consumption. Skyn can either be integrated into an Apple Watch band or worn as a standalone wearable. that tracks your alcohol level in near real-time.

It’s easy to forget that that one last drink for the road takes a while to hit your system, but the app will let you know where you’ll be ending up and remind you when to slow down or stop drinking.

Skyn measures the small amounts of alcohol molecules excreted through your skin and uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate your estimated blood alcohol content.

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Apart from these phenomenal devices, there are other gadgets equipped with artificial intelligence like thermostat which controls the temperature of your house, Google home, smart alarm clock, nabi Aristotle- a kids’ teacher, vortex, 3D-headphones and the list goes on!

So, switch on to the new era of intelligence and get a digital assistant to make your life faster and better!

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