The whole point of human race going forward is to use as few senses as possible. The advent of Bluetooth was one such pioneering technology in this direction now overtaken by VR and AR etc. Bluetooth speakers, speaking personally, are a boon. The elimination of wires adds portability to speakers. Good sound quality with portability is tempting.

Bluetooth speakers come in handy for travellers. The Bluetooth technology has come a long way and the sound quality of these speakers is incredible.

All good things do not come cheap. But here are a few good options for Bluetooth speakers ranging from as low as Rs. 2,000 to the luxury segment of upto Rs. 20,000.

1. Portronics POR-795

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This speaker strikes a perfect balance between pocket-friendliness and sound quality. This one sports a cylindrical body with mesh grills on the outside. It provides great flexibility with respect to the source of the sound connects wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.1, with an auxiliary cable or an SD card.

It also has an inbuilt FM to help you stay connected with the times and tastes of music. The speakers are also IPx6 water resistant, i.e. your investment is safe from powerful water jets. This makes it an ideal poolside companion.


Battery – 2200mAh (4-5 hours of playback)

Playback options – Bluetooth 4.1, Micro SD Card, AUX cable

IPx6 Water resistant

In-built microphone

Price – Rs.2,999

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 2. JBL Clip 2

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A budget option from a speaker powerhouse, this sure is tempting. As the name suggests, this comes with a unique product design with a built-in carabiner. You just clip to anything sturdy and forget about the well-being of this lightweight powerhouse. Clip 2 is IPx7 water resistant and will survive a 1-meter dive into the pool.

It provides upto 8 hours of playback thanks to its 3000 mAh rechargeable battery. You can even connect 2 Clip 2 speakers to enjoy and amplified surround sound. It also comes with an integrated 3.5mm audio cable so you don’t have to worry about carrying external wires.


Battery – 3,000 mAh (Upto 8 hours of playback)

IPx7 water resistant

Price – Rs. 3,999

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3. Sony SRS-XB2

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Sony’s offering comes with their Extra Bass Technology which makes this an ideal sound output for EDM and other Bass heavy music genres. And who doesn’t love a good bass right? The speaker comes with a clean, portable design which is sure to fit in well with any environment. It also comes with a few different colour options to choose from.

The speaker is NFC enabled of which you can take advantage of by simply touching your NFC enabled device with the speaker. This offers upto 10-12 hours playback time, is water resistant and can be paired with another speaker of the same species to enjoy double bass.


Extra Bass Technology

NFC and Bluetooth enabled.

Playback time – 10-12 hours

Price – Rs.8,990 (available at around Rs.6,800 on Amazon)

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4. JBL Flip 3

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One of the best wireless speakers I’ve come across. The Flip 3 comes with a classy, premium cylindrical bar format with external woofers for added bass. The speaker system is protected with a rugged rubber housing.

Apart from the remarkable bass with a decent price tag, it offers upto 10 hours of uninterrupted playback. You can enjoy wireless calling with its echo and noise cancelling speakerphones.


Battery – 3,000 mAh (Upto 10 hours of playback)

Splashproof water resistance

JBL Connect technology (connect multiple JBL connect enabled speakers together)

Price – Rs.9,990 (but usually around Rs.7,000)

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5. Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K

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Beast. One word.

Put portability on hold for a while. This monstrous 12 kg, Bluetooth enabled home-theatre, is enough to shatter your entire neighbourhood’s glass windows. The speaker system comes with handcrafted wooden cabinets with a modern design. The system comprises of a subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. It also supports AUX and USB inputs.

Although the massive 12kg speaker system is not exactly portable, the monstrous sound quality with the convenience of wireless connectivity is ideal for a laidback grand experience.

Price – Rs.7,590

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6. JBL Xtreme

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Another one of JBL’s products, this comes with a freakily huge battery capacity of 10,000 mAh which you don’t generally associate with Bluetooth speakers. This is enough to provide you with around 15 hours of playback on a single charge.

The sound quality is incredible. According to JBL, you can hear, feel and see the bass thanks to its external passive radiators which demonstrate the power of the speakers.

Needless to say, the speakers are splash proof. They are slightly on the heavier side with a weight of just of 2kg.


Battery – 10,000 mAh (15 hours of playback)

Bass Enhancer

Built-in Mic,

Built-in Powerbank

Bluetooth 4.1

Price – Rs.19,999 (Close to Rs.16,999 on Amazon)

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7. Bose Soundlink Revolve

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The costliest on our list, they are a testament to the technical prowess of Bose’s sound engineering. The Bose Soundlink Revolve provides 360 degrees sound. It comes encased in a seamless aluminium body.

It offers a battery life of upto 12 hours. The power-packed performance comes surprisingly light at just 660 grams. The pint-sized cylindrical structure comes packed with Bose’s latest technology – a highly efficient transducer, dual-passive radiators and an omnidirectional acoustic deflector. For real-life goosebumps.

It also comes with a Bose Connect App to let you and your friends connect multiple devices to the speakers and easily switch with the app.


Battery – Upto 12 hours of playback

Siri and Google Now built into the speaker

IPx4 water resistant

Price – Rs.19,990

Buy it here on Amazon


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