The car scene nowadays is open to everyone. Be it an environment friendly soul or a speed fanatic, a luxurious spender or a budget-driven white/blue collar, there is something for everyone. Each year, new and better features are added to the already existing lot of cars, for increased customer attraction and satisfaction. Be it luxurious cars or budget cars, there is something to offer for everyone.

With modern technology overtaking all spheres of life, the cars are slowly becoming more and more automated as well. Furthermore, safety features have also become one of the key go-to points in a customer’s checklist. Loaded with such and more features, the market today is abuzz with activity.

While the following are not ‘The’ best of the market, they are definitely there on the list of budget cars with the finest features. And will definitely be your pennies worth.

Kicking off our list of some of the best economical cars in Indian market right now. Here are six cars to buy within 8 lakhs:

1. Honda Amaze



One of the few vehicles in the entry level sedan segment, Amaze is one of the best creations of Honda. The first thing that pops into your head by looking at it: Spacious. Amaze offers a whopping 400L of boot space. And it doesn’t compromise on the leg room as well. It is the largest in its class.

Standing mighty on Honda’s ‘Man Maximum, Machine Minimum’ ideology. It is powered by CVT i.e. Continuous Variable Transmission. Which means, the vehicle can seamlessly shift through continuous gear ratios instead of the classical fixed gear ratios. The automated gear shifting allows for a highly smooth and convenient ride.

Safety features are in place with ABS, air-bags and the unique Anti-Theft Immobilizer system. With a mileage of about 19 km/l, the Honda Amaze starts at a price of 5.5 lakhs and goes up to 8.5 lakhs.

2. Hyundai Xcent



Hyundai’s Xcent, “The Stylish Family Sedan” stays true to its tagline and truly is, a family sedan. (One that my family trusts as well.) The subtle features add a chic-aura to the car. Spacious, sleek and sturdily built, the Xcent introduces the first-in-class Shark Fin Antenna. Which is basically an antenna designed in the shape of a shark fin. Duh.

To add to its looks, are the fog lights, the unique dual-tone rear bumper, the wide front bumper and the beautifully toned interiors. Enter the cooled glove compartment as well. The price of the vehicle ranges from 5.4 lakhs to 8.5 lakhs. With all the standard safety features in place and Hyundai’s trusted customer service, Xcent is a clear near-winner contender in the entry level sedan race.

3. Maruti Suzuki Swift



Maruti Suzuki has always managed to impress the Indian audience. From the best and the cheapest vehicles on its sleeve, Maruti holds more than 50% of the current automobile market in India. And one the strongest weapons in its arsenal is the Maruti Suzuki Swift. Now a 13-year old model, the Swift has been an unswerving performer. A long-standing champion and crowd pleaser, it consistently falls in the top 10 cars in India every year since its launch.

While it features all the standard attributes of modern vehicles: ABS, rear-parking sensors, alloy wheels, Airbags, spacious interiors, ample boot space, fog lights etc. What truly sets swift apart and makes it such a consistent choice for Indian consumers is its performance.

The hatchback gives a mileage of 20 km/l of petrol and 25 km/l of diesel. And the added Maruti’s trust.  Not to mention the customer service. I am sure the car still has more years to go!

4. Hyundai Grand i10



One of the most consistent runners in the budget hatchback segment, the Hyundai Grand i10 is known for its iconic designs and unparalleled performance. Ranging in price from 4.6 Lakh to 6.8 Lakh, there is a variant for everyone.

Launched way back in 2013, each year sees a new upgrade and added features to the classic car. Despite being now-5 years old, it is still a tough competition to every hatchback that is launched in the budget market.

The 2017 version comes with a sleek finish, prettied-up fog lamps, chromed door handles and roof rails. The spacious interiors are marked by an eye-pleasing colour contrast. With an impact sensing door lock system, the car automatically unlocks in the event of a collision to let out passengers safely.

A touchscreen AV system, fully-automated temperature control, steering-wheel AV controls, smart key locking system and the best one, luggage lamps! Yes. Lamps that light up when you open the ample boot space. And of course, the Kappa Petrol engine and the CRDI diesel engine are ones to talk about. Truly, the 2017 Grand i10 is ‘Wowsome!’

5. Hyundai Elite i20



The Elite i20 is true ‘Haute-ness Personified,’ as claimed by its creators. The aerodynamic design, the light-weight sleek body allows for a manual 6th gear in the hatchback. Similar to its ancestor, the i10, i20 series of Hyundai cars was launched way back in 2017.

But it has managed to stay a strong, unwavering contender in the hatchback-race. The basic version starts at a moderate price of 5.3 Lakhs and goes up to a whopping 9.2 Lakhs. Varying with its trademark diesel and petrol engines.

Safety features such as a rear defogger, front fog lamps, ABS system as well as a 6-airbag system are well in place. The 2017 i20 has also managed to automate some of its most basic process such as headlight control, window control as well as the introduction of a smart pedal. The smart pedal, one of the best features, in my opinion, overrides the operation of the accelerator in case of simultaneous application of the same with brakes. Now that will be helpful.

6. Tata Tiago



Standing out in the small car segment, the Tata Tiago starts at a nominal price of 3.2 lakh Rupees. Loaded with features, its top model is at a sale for about 5.2 lakh. The flagship Tata vehicle comes in an iconic mustard shade which I absolutely love!

The design is unique and very different from classical Tata. A sharp body design, attractive front and tail lights, welcoming interiors and Tata’s signature honeycomb-grille make the Tiago a visually appealing vehicle.

Tiago comes powered with the Revotron Petrol engine or the Revotorq Diesel engine. The diesel engine providing the best-in-class 140 Nm torque at 3000 RPM. The most distinguishing feature, however, is the dual-driving mode that allows you to switch between City and Eco mode. With surround sound speakers, built-in navigation and a unique Juke-Car application, the car is all set for your entertainment as well. Tata Tiago truly stands out in the small car segment at a not-so-daunting price.

7. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10



The Alto K10 by Maruti Suzuki has always been the common man’s car. Following Maruti’s flagship 800 CC, Alto was the immediate successor to the middle-class Indian households. The K10, with its upgraded K-series engine, is like the older brother to the same. The K10 starts off at a price of 3.4 lakh rising up to 4.2 lakhs for its three variants: Petrol, Diesel, and CNG. One of the distinguishing features of the car in its segment is the Auto-Gear-Shift option.

It makes for a smoother, easier drive through a city’s traffic. It also flaunts the best-in-class mileage of 24 km/l of petrol and 32 km/kg of CNG. The light-weight vehicle also sports front ventilated disk brakes and rear drum brakes. In the small car segment, the Alto K10 is assuredly one of the best choices.

As is clear from the list, and otherwise, the current Indian market is dominated by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai.

They collectively hold about 67% of the current automobile market in India. And rightly so. Their cars are dependable, their service incomparable and their prices affordable.

So shell out that money and get yourself some new wheels!

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