Is your natural habitat characterized by impeccable cleanliness? Are you the Monica Geller of your group? Are you an ardent follower of the Marie Kondo cult? Let cleanliness be your hobby or passion. Or you may just be looking for an efficient way to tidy up. Or you may be not-so-fond of cleaning up. Trust the technology of the 21st century to take care of all your cleaning needs with these handy gadgets.

1. Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot:

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Bid goodbye to climbing atop the building to clean the exteriors of your windows. This robot is equipped with powerful suction motors which ensure that windows can be cleaned easily. It is powered with Artificial Intelligence that can detect the presence of obstructions on the windows and change course accordingly. You can operate the robot from the comfort of your home as it is conveniently app controlled.

2. iRobot Roomba 960:

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The Roomba range of devices ranks high on every list of cleaning gadgets. It is powered with the patented intelligent navigation and dirt-detect technologies. It also boasts of an anti-allergen system that makes it apt for households with pets. The Roomba offers a greater level of comfort as it can also be controlled with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

3. High Pressure Electric Blower for Keyboards:

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We have all been guilty of eating while working or binging on our favourite TV show. If you have never cleaned your PC keyboard, just flip it over and see for yourself. The tiny key-gaps make keyboards notorious for being extremely tricky to clean. A high pressure electric blower is just the perfect tool for keyboard cleaning. It blows a continuous stream of air that throws the dirt out. Yet, the stream is not strong enough to affect the delicate keys.

4. Lavviebot:

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This automatic litter box is perfect for cat-owners who do not wish to come home to a house reeking of litter. Simply train your kitten to use this device and it will take care of collection and cleaning. It notifies you when your cat enters to conduct its business. The automatic system works with remote control. It cleans itself by raking the litter to a separate box. The entire process leads to an odorless environment. The box collection capacity is sufficiently large that the owner does not have to clean the device for 2-3 weeks.

5. AngryMama Microwave Cleaner:

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This little cleaning gadget is neither operates on battery nor any chemicals. Simply add vinegar and water to its body and microwave it for 5 to 8 minutes. The device gives off steam that loosens the persistent dirt on the microwave’s body. The elbows of Angry Mama are cool enough for it to be taken out of the compartment. Afterwards, you can easily wipe off the loosened dirt with a rag.

6. Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball:

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The cleaning ball is the cutest device you can own. It is a fluffy little ball that cleans as it wobbles around. The ball bears a furry microfiber coating that is easily removable and washable. The best part about the robot cleaning ball is that doubles up as a handy pet toy. That makes it purrfect for a pet-owning cleanliness freak.

7. ElectroLux Eco Cleaner:

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With growing concerns about environment, it is time to bring in the ElectroLux Eco Cleaner. It is a compact and handy dishwasher. The cleaner’s ultrasonic waves technology converts left-over food into reusable compost ready for use by plants. It is eco-friendly in more ways than one. This gadget runs on solar power thanks to its photovoltaic cells and needs no external power supply.

8. Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot:

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Now that we have covered floors, carpets, dishes and cat litter, it is time to introduce you to Giddel – the toilet cleaning robot. Its unique design cleans every part of the toilet without itself getting dirty. You do not have to worry about dirty water splashing around as the robot consists of a non-spinning brush. Its anti-microbial body makes sure that you are welcome to the desired cleanliness every time you visit the toilet.

9. Philips Sonicare UV Toothbrush Sanitizer:

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It is a well-known fact that the human mouth is a heaven for germs. Is a simple tap-water wash of the toothbrush sufficient to get rid of its germs? The Philips Sonicare UV Toothbrush Sanitizer promises a 99.9% sanitizing of your toothbrush thanks to its ultraviolet technology. The battery-run device runs for a 10-minute cycle after every time you return your toothbrush to its box. Use this sanitizer and your toothbrush will never feel smelly.

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