With technology creeping in almost all spheres of life, it has shaped modern travelling and hence, the cars. Traveling can get tough or a little less enjoyable. While there are issues that are inevitable, some could easily be reckoned with. With a lot of innovative ideas turned into fine products, convenience and joy are just a decision away.

Among many, here are a few car gadgets and modifications of my personal preference.

1. Electronic Tire Pressure Regulator Pump


If there is anything in your car that needs your utmost attention, it’s the Tires. Tires have to go through a lot. And the right amount of tire pressure is crucial. It ensures the equal distribution of car weight, allowing us a smooth ride. But one can hardly make the frequent visits to the mechanic to get the tires checked. The solution? An electronically controlled Regulator Pump that makes the job a lot more easier. Just plug in the device to the tire that needs checking, and the pump shall do the rest for you. A typical Regulator Pump should cost you about 3k in India. That’s a steal! (considering the amount you’d have to pay to the mechanics otherwise).

2. HUD (Head Up Display) Satellite Navigation Systems


Driving and using your phone for navigation simultaneously is a risky business. HUD satellite navigation is the answer to this dilemma. Head up displays are wirelessly fed devices (through a phone app mostly) that reflect the navigation information right on the windshield. Besides navigation, these devices also give information about speeds and speed limits in the area. It is a tad expensive though. A typical HUD, like the “Garmin HUD” costs around 15k in India (A lot to pay but it looks like the one from a sci-fi movie!).

3. Car Air Purifiers


“Stuck in traffic” is an understatement for every office going individual in a metro city in India today. India is one of the worst affected countries in terms of pollution and air quality (Delhiites would know for sure!). and the inside of a car is way more hostile in terms of air. The Car air purifiers certainly do help in making it better inside your car. These purifiers are fairly priced at around 5k in India.

4. Car Seat Massagers


We all know how it gets tiring to drive on a long distance journey. And the most affected part being our lower back. Well that could be taken care off by the innovation called the Seat massager. These devices are quite easy to use. Just keep them on the seat, near the area of pain, and turn them on. As simple as that. These devices also use heat to loosen the muscles and ease you off your pain. Well, who doesn’t like a good old massage? In terms of cost, a typical massager device, like the “Robotouch Rbt Mf7 Smart Seat Shiatsu Back Massager” costs around 10,500 in India.

5. Bluetooth Speakerphones


Does your car not have an inbuild Bluetooth call receiving system?. If not, then this ones for you. The “Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone” is a device that does it all for you. From Voice-Activated calling and answering, to streaming music and GPS directions, it can do it all. You don’t even have to turn the device on and off. It does so on its own when you enter or leave from your car. It has 3 in build speakers with Virtual Surround Sound, and can also connect to your car speakers through FM. All of this costs you around 10K in India.

Apart from the usual, here are a few things that should help you go a step further to increase the performance of your car.

6.Full Decat Exhaust


Looking for an extra pep in your drive? That’s exactly what a full decat exhaust could do for you. Simply put, full Decat Exhaust is a pipe that replaces the Catalytic Converter in the exhaust of your car. The advantage? More torque at lower RPM rates. It does get a bit noisy though. But if you’re a car enthusiast, this is what you should be looking for in store the next time round.

7. ECU (Engine Control Units) remaps


Engine Control Units are the electronic modules in your car that ensure optimal engine performance. ECU remapping is a technique used for finer tuning of your engine by certain software(no hardware change involved). It helps in modification of engine parameter data in the memory of your car. So what does it do for you? it makes the engine to work more precisely according to the changes in hardware that you might’ve done already. Thereby, delivering power more swiftly. Giving you the precise acceleration on hitting the accelerator paddle. A procedure of such kind should easily cost you around 30K in India.

8. Installing of Lowering Springs


Don’t you want a car that looks more sporty and is more agile? One way of doing so is by lowering the car altitude by installing “Lowering Springs”. Lowering spring are nearly the same as of the ones that come preloaded with your car. But with a lesser height. This enables the car to acquire more dynamic position with regards to the air resistance, and hence more speed.(not to mention the sporty looks you get with it!). You will also be getting better handling with it. but there’s a downside to the story as well. They make the car suspensions more rigid, reducing the ride quality. The cost of installing lowering springs varies in accordance to the type of your car. It ranges from about 15 to 25K.

9. Ventilated Disc Brakes


If your car comes with Drum Brakes, you should really look forward to having ventilated Disc Brakes. Ventilated Disc Brakes have far superior stopping power that the drums ones. They are also more durable in the long run because of lesser heat dissipation on breaking and are easily available for a wide range of cars. They do certainly cost more that the drum breaks, but are totally worth the extra bucks.

Some of the gadgets here are quite pricey and some are more affordable. You can buy gadgets and Modifications off this list if you are a person who spends a lot of time inside your car.

Happy Riding!


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