It’s been 10 years since I explored music. I had just left hostel and had no idea what lay ahead. I do now. Money. Work. Money. Food. No friends. No new adventures. It’s a drab and weary cycle which you have to drudge alone. It leaves you so exhausted that you stop doing the simple things that you once enjoyed. It makes you so tired that you want to talk to your best friend but before you lift the phone to dial his number, “kal karunga” flashes through your head. All you want to do is to drown everything that you know is trivial and still bothers you. Pesky boss, girlfriend wanting time, failing health, no considerable savings and a receding hairline, all before you turn 30. 20’s were not supposed to be like this. All music in your life stops. Literally and Figuratively.

This is the place I was at.

And at this place when you suffer an inevitable heart break, whom do you turn to? Your now distant friends will not get you. Your family certainly won’t. Hell, it was way too twisted even for you to understand. But now you can’t vent out. You just can’t figure out where to go and of-course you are too ‘manly’ to shed a few tears. How do you scream and tell her that she will need you wherever she goes? This is when I was pointed towards ‘Alter bridge’.

When the music stops, you wonder was it the brooding romantic in you that made the lyrics seem simple yet so powerful? Or was the singer’s voice truly beautiful? Only one way to find out. Dwelve in deeper. Miles Kennedy has an extraordinary voice which when backed with Scott Phillips’ beautiful drums and Mark Tremonti’s guitar riffs, makes the band a potent force. Next song on my list was ‘Blackbird’.

I agree with Jelle-the anonymous YouTube commentator’s view wholeheartedly where he says ‘That fucking Guitar solo gives me a boner everytime I hear it.” That made me search a bit about Mark Tremonti and it turns out that together with Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips, he founded ‘Creed’. Remember that songs ‘With arms wide open’? Yes, they are these guys. No wonder they are smooth and refined!

I am bad with music and I certainly don’t know how to write reviews. The idea here is to give you a taste of ‘Alter Bridge’ and if you like it,  you explore more. They just click. And once you love it, you love it. There is no middle ground. It just is breathtakingly simple. I shall leave you with ‘Rise today’.

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