Bijuria, a town in Uttar Pradesh, harbours two of the sought after hitmen of the place: Babu Bihari (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and Banke Bihari (Jatin Goswami). They use their skills on behest of a sleazy businessman Dubey (Anil George) and a paan-chewing, expletives-spouting politician Sumitra (Divya Dutta). And while these are the influential people around, Babu also takes up some contracts on command of the love of his life, Phulwa(Bidita Bag).

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While Babu seems to be “the” man for the hits, however some are not happy with his hold on the game. Thus, the same contracts for Babu also start flying to Banke. This is where both the hitmen cross paths and troubles flare for both. While one struggles to maintain his territory, the other clearly wants to make his own name.

Babu has grown as a killer. His first tryst with murder is at the tender age of 10, when he has to kill to get a few life – saving bananas instead of starving to death. Banke on the other had, has grown as a fan of Babu and dreams of being known as fondly in his profession. While Babu kills for money and passion, Banke gets his contracts from his make shift lover Yasmeen (Shraddha Das), who is a dancer. Bullets fly around in the area like Diwali crackers, but these men enjoy something more than killing. The characters have a major sexual appetite and seem to relish their ladies like there is no tomorrow. Banke for one doesn’t seem to stop himself from liking more than one lady.

Babu is all too aware of who he is, which is easily depicted from his self deprecating remarks. But that does not let him lose the perspective of what has to be done. 

The police is also a part of the daily tussle, with characters who themselves are questionable and have no interest in serving the public, per say. 


Kushan Nandy has made a movie that you get addicted to watching. Bidita Bag is an interesting find in the movie and Jatin Goswami shines with his interesting voice. Even Shraddha Das is someone to look forward to. The actors in themselves are so influential that you fall in love with them with all the negative they portray.

Babumoshai - UnBumfSource


Though a genre not so different from Gangs of Wasseypur, the movie gives no shine-time to Siddiqui. For that matter, the movie underplays all the actors, especially Divya Dutta. Sadly, the story has no aim and is too predictable for anyone watching. To expect Siddiqui to carry this one on his shoulders, is a huge ask. 

With the run-time of 2 hours and 2 minutes, the movie does not enamor the audience. Although with characters which are unconventional and a beginning that is promising, the twists end up being predictable. The character back stories are not built up for us to feel anything about them. Also, the script is visibly very limiting for anything to be achieved on screen by the performers. There is plenty of rustic love, betrayal, black humour and killings in the movie. But somehow all of it is not strewn into an impressive movie, but is more of a collection of different themes.

All in all, the movie commands the audience that will go for the actors (Siddiqui and Dutta) and the genre. But is a definite suggestive miss if you want to go for the story and the experience of cinema.

Our Verdict: 2/5 

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