The latest challenge to have gone viral on social media is the Bottle Cap challenge. It was kickstarted by Farabi Davletchin, a taekwondo player from Kazakhstan on June 25.

The challenge requires you to uncap a bottle with a kick so delicate that the bottle remains unharmed. Since its emergence, many celebrities like Sushmita Sen, Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff have posted their videos of the challenge. Here we have a look at the best versions of the challenge.

1. Uncap and Cap

TikTok user @calebnatale has taken the challenge a notch higher. He uncaps a bottle with a kick while holding an uncapped bottle. He makes the cap of the first bottle land smoothly on the uncapped one. Sounds impossible? See it to believe it.


2. With a Golf Club

So you think Golf is boring? Well, trust Ian James Poulter to change that perception. The two-time World Golf Champion shows us just why he is a champion. Poulter uses a delicate swing of the Golf club to complete the challenge.


3. Vidyut Jamwal’s Three Bottle Cap Challenge

One look at him and you’d know that Vidyut Jamwal is a thoroughly disciplined fitness freak. Now, he also shows us his ability to focus and swing a kick. His social media post shows him uncapping three bottles in one go. 


4. With a Car

The world is coming up with more and more creative ways to take up the challenge. If you thought it is difficult to control a kick, just imagine the kind of control you’d need to uncap a bottle with a car nudge. That’s exactly what Instagram user Iskander Utebayev has managed to do. (Please stay safe, enjoy the video and don’t try this!)


4. This Kid’s Football Kick

If you are looking for a load of cuteness with the bottle cap challenge, wehave got you covered. 5-year old Korbin Jackson looks simply adorable as he rejoices his kick. 


5. Using a Surfboard

Let us make it more difficult. How about taking up the challenge in the sea and using a surfboard? Steel Lafferty, a professional surf-boarder, completes the challenge while surfing. Talk about control!


6. Ryan Reynolds’ Epic Buildup 

The Deadpool star is known for his amazing sense of humour. His social media accounts are an endless treasure of funny takes on the latest trends. In his bottle cap challenge, he builds up the suspense for his act while taking us on a tour of the universe with the bottle. How he completes the challenge is something you can’t miss.


7. Tiger Shroff’s Blindfolded Challenge

If Vidyut completed three bottles in the challenge, Tiger Shroff did it with a blindfold. His social media post was a tribute to Donnie Yen, the Ip Man actor. Donnie, the martial art legend, was the first one to do the challenge blindfolded. Tiger duly followed his inspiration. 


8. Sushmita Sen is not One to be Left Behind

The former Miss Universe is well known for her fitness goals. An ardent Yoga practitioner, her social media posts are no stranger to fitness videos. Little surprise then that she has posted a video about her flawless execution of the bottle cap challenge. 


9. With a Wave and a Floor Spin

Surfboarders, car drivers, golfers – the challenge has engulfed all of them. Dancers are not far behind in making the challenge exciting. Throughout this video, there’s so much spinning that we can’t help but keep guessing whether he is actually going to complete the challenge.


10. A Double-spin Fly Kick

There is a reason why the world is saying that the Asians have won the bottle cap challenge. The next entry is all the way from South Korea. The double-spin fly kick by Shin Min Cheol is bound to leave you awestruck. 


11. Michelle Smith’s Baton Twirling

Meet Michelle Smith – the stuntswoman who has contributed to successful movies and shows like Deadpool, Van Helsing, and Supernatural. In her Instagram post, we see her expertly twirling a baton and completing the challenge. Visit her page and you’ll get a behind-the-scenes video about her attempt too. 


Now that you’ve watched the coolest videos of the challenge, it’s time for you to go for an attempt yourself (again, please be safe!). Make sure you have the required flexibility and you’re good to go. If nothing, you might end up making people laugh.

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