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Apart from all the expensive bezel-less phones and the swanky iPads, the tech market keeps releasing what we’d like to call Little Tech Wonders.

These small, inexpensive gadgets can go from super usable to super cool.

Just scrolling through Amazon brings you across so many weird, little gadgets. They’re useful, inexpensive, and honestly, fun to own.

Let’s look at the most chill tech gadgets you can buy today under 1000 INR:

1. Trilobi Magnetic 3-in-1 Common Tip MAG Cable

Source: Geeky Gadgets

A 3-in-1 magnetic charging plus data transfer cable for both iPhone and Android phones.

The cool 3-in-1 cable has a magnetic connector that goes into the lightning port or the USB-C port of the phone and the wire is then magnetically connected to it, kind of like a MagSafe charging port on a Macbook.

So you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking away the wire and you phone shooting away to the floor like a rocket. Instead the magnetic cable just easily detaches upon force, leaving your phone unharmed.

But that’s not the best part about it.

The cable has a new feature which might come in handy for a lot of power users — it lets you charge your phone from another phone.

You can charge an iPhone with an Android, and an Android with another Android (sorry, can’t charge an Android with an iPhone).

Source: Kickstarter

The USB side of the wire folds down, revealing a micro-USB port, which can be plugged into an Android phone to give juice to other phones.

Price: 500–700 INR approx.

You can order it from Kickstarter here.

2. Riimo Remote Control

Source: Gadget Flow

This little piece of gadgetry turns your phone into a full blown remote control.

You can use it for your TV, AC, Set-top box, Amp, DVD Player and whatnot of any brand.

Imagine going to a friend’s house and secretly changing channels every 30 seconds and turning the temperature all the way in this firey weather. Perfect little prank gadget, too!

It is essentially just a small pin that goes into the headphone jack of your phone (what a bummer, iPhone 7/7 Plus users, sorry) and emits infrared signals to control the modern day machines around you. It uses an app to make it work.

Source: Gadget Flow

The range on the little prankster is a bit limited — around 10–15 feet.  But if you tend to lose your TV remote as frequently as I do, make this your next purchase.

Price: 700 INR approx.

You can order it from IndieGogo here.

3. AE Universal 8x Zoom Optical Lens for Smartphones

Source: Sixty Six Depot

If you’re into mobile photography and need to click the small, and we mean, really small stuff, this is the perfect buy for your next impromptu online shopping spree.

Maco Lenses provide up to 8x magnification on the default camera lens of your phone.

You just clip it on around your phone, placing the lens directly over the camera lens of your phone and voilà!

Source: iguang.tw

You can actually get some pretty high-res images of the small stuff, like pollen on a flower, small and unreadable text on the back of a box, weird little insects and whatever your wanderer mind can come up with.

The macro lens works best on the iPhone 7 Plus’s Telephoto lens.

Price: 699 INR.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

4. VR Box 2.0

Source: RcProUSA

We live in the age of upcoming AI and brain to brain communication, so how can we leave out our beloved Virtual Reality headsets?

Inspired by Google Cardboard’s cheap and sturdy design, this plastic VR headset takes it to the next level in terms of quality (and low in terms of price).

With a T-strap, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to adjust the wearable to your convenience.

Supported by almost every phone with a screen size range of 3.5 inch — 6.0 inch, including iPhones and Androids, the VR headset is definitely poised to make a lasting impression.

Here are the phones it supports —all version of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, Note4, Note5, LG Nexus 5, LG G2,G3, LG V10, LG flex, HTC One M, Nexus 6.

Users will have to download a VR app from the App Store/Play Store.

Price: 300 INR approx.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

5. BONUS: Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band

Source: Wired

Here’s one for all the fitness and sports people in the house!

Xiaomi is popular for its cheap and powerful products and they did it again with their fitness band.

While this gadget isn’t gonna spruce up your phone game, it surely will give your health a nice boost.

Your summer vacation plans might include a beach bod and this fitness tracker might as well help you achieve that.

Download the Mi Fit app on your smartphone — both iOS and Android — connect the band via bluetooth and off you go:

  • Count your steps;
  • See how many calories you burned;
  • Monitor your sleep quality;
  • Unlock your phone with the band, no need for passcode;
  • Incoming call alerts;
  • An insane 30-day battery life!
Source: http://view.inews.qq.com

Whether you’re running around playing your favorite sport or just trying to reach your daily step limit, this wrist friendly gadget is bound to get you the best results.

Price: 599 INR

You can buy it from Amazon here.

These are some of the little, inexpensive gadgets you can buy to your mobile phones the edge over others’.

Be it charging your phone’s battery with another, using your phone as a remote control for convenience and pranks, or upping your mobile photography game, these little tech wonders have got you covered!

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