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I am obsessed with Superwoman! 
Okay. That sounds stalker-ish. Just to be clear, I am not a stalker. But yes. I am completely enamored by Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman.

If you don’t know who that is, then you must be living under a rock. Which I was, until two weeks back. And two weeks later, here I am. Writing about the newly appointed UNICEF goodwill ambassador. *How awesome is this?*

Fun Fact: Her happy place is known to her fans as the Unicorn Island. And we, her loyals are known as Team Super. Me being the latest member of the gang. #OneLove

Lilly Singh is not only fun, she is inspiring, kind and brings smiles to many people’s faces. She is utterly extraordinary, yet so very ordinary. So, in perfect Superwoman style, here go the reasons you can never leave Unicorn Island once you enter it.

#1) The Fun Unit.

Unicorn Island is the land of fun! Our Superwoman is undeniably hilarious and will definitely keep you smiling throughout her videos. Her rants are humorous, realistic and rib-tickling. The skits are EPIC. And most recently, her rap tracks for each GoT character are AWE-some. Be it her old videos or her latest ones, she will make those 5 minutes of a video worth every second of procrastination.

#2) Are we related?

It’s like she knows my entire life better than me. All of Lilly Singh’s videos will make you feel like she is reading your mind. And that is the best part about them. You can relate to her. She is a celebrity, a millionaire. Yet she feels exactly the same way as us. She faces the same annoying, crappy daily situations that we do. And somewhere, that makes us feel better in our own ordinary lives.

#3) All Rise.

She is one hell of a fighter. Her rags-to-riches story is not as influential as her depression-to-happiness story. Lilly Singh battled depression in her early years of video making. In fact, her reason to start making videos was to draw herself out of despair. She believed. and rightly so, that if she could make others smile, she could make herself smile. Her struggle to smile is evident in her earliest videos. In her evolving laughter, you can feel the emotional battles she has won. She is a fighter. And that just makes you love her even more.

#4) Our Fight Song.

Lilly may be known to the world for her comic videos, but her fans know her for the inspiration she is to us. Whether implicitly or explicitly, our Superwoman inspires us to be a better version of ourselves. She inspires us to work hard for our dreams. To fight our demons. Chase excellence and success. To defy the norms. To love ourselves for who we are. And to carve our own unique paths.

#5) Being the BAWSE

Lilly Singh is #goals. She is a modern day fairytale character. Being the BAWSE she is, no feat seems unachievable for her. She has used her fame and fandom for the noblest causes. Her campaign #GirlLove is a revolutionary step for women empowerment. It started out as a social media campaign to enhance much-needed love and respect among women for each other. The campaign now extends to causes like girl education. Most recently, she was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Which is a testament to her efforts for girl education and her influence on the gen Y.

So these are a few reasons we want to settle down in Unicorn Island. The center of its universe being the ever inspiring Lilly Singh. A fighter, a caring soul. Not to mention, being the queen of the kingdom she has single-handedly created for herself. Her unwavering dedication, her simple ways, her kind heart and the confidence to just being herself, are what makes her so irresistible to us. Her family of 12 million unicorns.

And to quote her, “One love, SUPERWOMAN. That is a wrap. And zoop!”

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