The world is facing a lot of big problems. Be it Global warming or the choice of the next Miss Universe, there are some big issues that need solutions. But what about the everyday small things? What about the everyday mishaps we face and yet are forced to live with a fake smile on our face? Why does this world expect me to be understanding if the fat lady in the metro outran me to grab my seat? Whyyyy? That’s not all; here is a list of little annoying things that I go through frequently, yet never get used to.  

1. Leaving home without headphones

Music is the best company we can have when we set out to perform an activity by ourselves. Especially when you have a long journey ahead and you remember that your earphones are nowhere crawled up in your bag. So, you sadly just submit to the fact that people watching seems to be the only way to pass time.

2. Slow or non-working internet connection

We’ve all been there. Slow Wifi is  notorious  for showing up when you’re either watching a series finale or uploading an important file which is already past your deadline. A non-working WiFi is worse than most problems in this dog-eat-dog world, especially if you’re a work or a couch addict.

3. When you are hungry, but there is nothing to eat

The thought of coming home and relax-eating something is probably what helps most people get through the day. When things like the following happen, it’s just plain bad luck, if nothing else. When you just forget to restock your grocery, or when your mom makes bottle-guard for dinner, or that thing you hid in the corner of your freezer has been eaten.

4. Someone tries to have a forced conversation with you

When you are on your own and someone just  tries to make conversation with you. You  try to push through it, but  sometimes people just cannot take a hint.  To make matters worse, they crack seemingly unfunny jokes And we can all agree that this is not the best feeling there is.

5. When you order something but it is only half-delivered

Ever had one of those days where you call-in for a burger or a pizza and then you  find out that the delivery person has either gotten your order wrong, or forgot your cold-drink, or your free coupon, or something because, obviously, complete happiness is a myth?

6. When someone you dislike sees you on one of your bad days

Some days you make the effort to dress up real nice.  And there are days you can barely get up and, more often than not, it is on those days, that you dress your worst. The universe does have a sense of humor because the person you dislike so much will catch a glimpse of you on one of these dreaded days.

7. When you just cant remember the name of something

Have you ever had that moment where you are the star of an amazing conversation and you try to make it better by stating something that you know everyone would love and enjoy, and your whole conversation depends on that name, but you just can’t seem to recollect, and then your entire speech just loses its point and the interest of others.

Sure, we can try and find answers for the bigger crises the world is facing. But it’s the small things that irk us little by little every time they happen. Hopefully, the number of times we face these incidents are as minimal as chances of Trump completing one term as the President. 

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