Botany is a subject that not only includes a study of range of plants and their economic importance but also provides a comprehensive overview of genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Botany, along with its allied branches, offers employment opportunities in the fields of research and educational institutes, agriculture, pharmacy, horticulture and forestry.

Miranda House instigated science education for women in the University of Delhi when it started its B.Sc. Honours (Botany) course in 1948. Over the years, their Department of Botany has generated a large number of devoted scientists, teachers and those who have excelled in other areas.

The Department of Botany of Miranda House has an active Botanical Society named Antheia which conducts lectures by distinguished academicians and scientists and fests that witness massive participation.

The Society also allows participation of students in various activities across colleges of the University of Delhi. Antheia, the botanical society of Miranda House is coming up with their annual fest Koshika on 19th February, 2018.

Koshika has many intriguing competitions to proffer. Let us have a look:

Power of Senses

Well someone once rightly said that all our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to understanding, and ends with reason. And when the challenge is to provide the reason by testing your senses, the challenge becomes more intriguing.

So, in Power of Senses, 10 teams, each having 2 participants, will be given a botanical item of some economic importance. One of the participant will be blindfolded and asked to taste the botanical item. And then will be asked to guess the name. While the other participant will have to provide the scientific name of that item.

Slice it Thin

As the name suggests, the competition will be only about dissection. The participants will be judged on the beauty with which they dissect the object given to them. Every participant will have to bring their own tools like needle, forceps, blades etc.

Rangoli Making

Over the years, various colleges, institutions and schools have organized competitions in which students have to propound their ideas using the medium of a Rangoli.

But wouldn’t you find it intriguing if you have to draw a plant cell in a Rangoli? Or the structure of a flower? Or a root of a plant?

But you need not worry as Koshika’s Rangoli Making competition has the theme Prakritik Drishya. So even if you make a rangoli of the usual mountain-river scenery, you can win exciting cash prizes.

Botanical Quiz

Do you fancy yourself as a brilliant botany buff? If yes, then why not put yourself to the test with a botany quiz! Here you get to be a part of trivia that has questions of all kinds to help you brush up on your botanical knowledge.

From the tiniest flower to the tallest tree, botany is a fascinating subject, with many permutations. So you better challenge yourself with this botany quiz or challenge your friends and you might end up winning a cash prize.

Online Photography

Life on Earth encompasses a myriad of regular forms, sequences and structures; and we invite you to capture these details of biology.

Can a picture actually capture the serenity of the nature? It completely depends on your photography skills.

If you feel you have that skill in you, you can send you entry at and win exciting prizes.

So get ready for some amazing fun with Botany at Miranda House!


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