What is it about dark jokes that is so attractive?

You love it, you hate it, you love to hate it. If you are someone who is easily offended, then we suggest you stop right here. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been amply warned. Tread carefully, because starting now, you enter the realm of darkness.

We have lined up ten immensely tasteless jokes for you, in the ascending order of how much they disgust a person with average human sensibilities ?

1. So, here is an easy one. You know when they say love is blind? Well…


2. Now, jokes are all fine, but who jokes about people with problems? Tch Tch.


3. You feel terrible about laughing at that one, don’t you? Well, lets see how you take this one:


4. Now,Trump jokes are quite passé. That’s why we got you one about his opponent, for losing the elections wasn’t enough! Oops!


5. Too dark for you? There’s still time, turn back ?


6. Some things simply must not be joked about. Apartheid, for example.


7. While we are on the topic of races…


8. If you have come this far, you are on the dark side now. Still, here is a little test :

9. Yes, this one is completely twisted. But then again, it is true as well!


10. Yes, we feel terrible for laughing too. Just kidding, we don’t.



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