Today’s smart technological world has done justice to all the food lovers. Saving their time and helping them get a sumptuous meal has made some of the cooking gadgets “a must-have”. With something unimaginable like 3D-printed foods and meals that we just add water to, it’s evident that we have entered the future. So, all the foodies out there, it’s about time that you smartify your kitchen and upgrade it with the best cooking gadgets. Here’s a list of the top cooking gadgets you can add to your smart kitchen.

1. Prep Pad

Started working out and wondering about the most appropriate workout meal? Or wanting to add variety to the meal? Don’t worry, you can get the nutritional information for fresh foods that don’t come with labels using PrepPad. The Prep Pad connects wirelessly to your iPad 3, 4, Mini or Air and tells you all the nutrition facts based on your food’s weight, measured by the Prep Pad and shown on the free Countertop app (iOS). The best part is that the Prep Pad can sync with your Jawbone UP, so it can track your daily activity and recommend you the best post-workout meals.


2. Amazon Dash

Imagine being at the grocery store and forgetting the most important ingredient you ran out of! Feeling terrible already, right? Don’t worry, tech has it covered for you! Amazon Dash is a way to avoid that scenario and even avoid the grocery store altogether. When you run out of something, scan the barcode of that product, and Dash will remember for you. If it doesn’t have a bar code, then just use the voice recorder to say what you ran out of. You can restock all your goodies via Amazon Fresh which brings all your fresh produce to your door. Currently, Dash is free by invitation only.


3. HAPIfork

Coming home famished after a long day makes us want to hog food! But, this may lead to weight gain and indigestion which is, needless to say, a nightmare for us. To avoid this, tech angel has sent a gadget for you “HAPIfork”. This smart fork slows down your eating to an appropriate speed. The HAPIfork mobile app (iOS and Android) helps you monitor your eating speed. If you end up eating too fast, then the fork will vibrate telling you to slow down thereby increasing the metabolism.


4. TellSpec

Many times, we end up eating something that contains an ingredient we are allergic to. Not our fault when something looks so savory and delicious, right? Want to avoid this? TellSpec will do it for you. This helpful device originally started out on Indiegogo and immediately took off, raising almost four times their $100k goal. TellSpec is a food scanner that tells you what’s inside the food we eat, such as any hints of pesticides or any tracks of unhealthy levels of certain artificial food coloring chemicals. It’s great for people with dangerous food allergies because the TellSpec app quickly and easily reveals all the main ingredients that make up the food you scan.


5. Perfect Bake

If baking is your forte, this gadget is a blessing for you! Baking brownies with Perfect Bake means never having to measure flour again. The Perfect Bake Pro is a smart scale combined with an interactive recipe app that takes care of all the measuring and weighing, even “scaling” a recipe according to how many people you’re cooking for. The scale is connected by Bluetooth to the app so it guides you step by step through the ingredients, letting you know when you’ve added enough to the included color-coded bowls. No need for measuring spoons or cups. For easy-to-make desserts, this gift takes the cake.


6. Belkin WeMo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Want your food ready by the time you come home? Or promised a dinner date at home to your boyfriend and still working late hours? This slow cooker is the gadget for you. The Belkin WeMo Crock-Pot slow cooker joins the Wemo family of connected devices so users can control the 6-quart stainless steel pot right from their smartphone.

It still works the old-fashioned way; assemble your ingredients in the morning and set the amount of time you want it to cook. Once you leave the house, you still have access to the controls via your smartphone so if you’re late leaving work you can easily decrease the temperature or cooking time, or just switch to a keep-warm mode so your dinner is perfectly done when you get home. And it works with Android and Apple devices!


7. Braun PureMix Blender

Blenders are an essential kitchen gadget, and we especially love when they’re versatile enough to handle everything from breakfast smoothies to frozen margaritas and a hot soup recipe in between.

Braun’s PureMix Blender’s new smoothie attachment saves time and cleans up because you can make your breakfast drink and take the container with you on the go. The ThermoResist glass pitcher can handle hot as well as cold ingredients and has techy magic senses to figure out what’s inside for optimal speed and blending, no matter which of the seven functions you’re using.

The stainless steel and black design not only looks great in the kitchen but makes it super easy to clean up any drips and spills. Another plus: When the meal is over, the whole blade assembly goes right in the dishwasher.


So, these are some of the best gadgets that can cook a delicious meal for you and manage to keep you healthy. Other than these, if you wish you can add an ice cream maker if you ever wish to make your own ice cream. Along with the ice cream maker, you can add a can opener which opens cans of every size if you have problems with the grip. Smartify your kitchen with these gadgets and treat yourself with delicacies. After all, one cannot think well, love well or sleep well; if one has not dined well!


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