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I wish I could put a survey for the best A-rated sites here, but this is not about that. But, let’s for the sake of a discussion say that there is a huge difference in expectations of the two sexes when comes to watching porn. On one hand, guys have searched every nook and cranny of the available porn. On the other, the “fairer sex” comparatively seems clueless about where to look for their virtual G-Spot.

A reason for this perpetual dilemma for women is the way that the definition of desirable men has changed over the years.

A guy who really wants to impress the girl he likes, still acts on the macho suggestions and hits the gym to soon resemble Rambo. Little does he know that his love interest is having wet dreams of Justin Beiber and Robert Pattison. Imagine how off his path the poor guy is.

So clueless are men about what women want that when finally a relationship starts, all hell breaks loose. He having spent most of his adult life with the impression that his sole purpose is to have perpetual erections and hours of sex. The problem however is, that women are not looking for that.

The Reality

If a porn site comes up with an idea where a man and a woman are just talking while sitting on a couch, that would be a woman’s biggest orgasm. Not to stress overly on the saying that “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” but the gap of what men will do and what women would want them to do is just too huge.

Just to sprinkle a little perspective into the equation, you should know that after USA and UK, India is the third largest consumer of porn in the world. Boo-yah!! Now take a moment for the idea of India’s illiteracy and concentration of regions which can access the internet, sink in.

Forget Google and Microsoft, but with our stats, Porn-hub would be more than happy to improve our infrastructure and provide internet access. I am sure that even our politicians will help see to it.

The problem

We live in a time where “taking it slow” is a myth. Holding hands is “too much” and kissing is well, too intimate. And for whom are we saving the “too intimate” part, is still a grey area. But you go ahead and search for the best romantic scenario on any of the websites and you will learn exactly where this clueless-ness in our generation comes from.

Forget about sweet nothings, we do not even know what to do with a fully dressed woman.

*I like to skip that boring part in the movie, Beh!

We are sure that being a virgin is a sham anyways, because which guy or a girl cannot get laid, these days? So, if you are a virgin, you most probably have cooties. 

*Shoo, don’t be giving me your bad luck, ugly!*

The worst part is that in India, we cannot even go and ask our parents for guidance. Firstly, we Indians are always too young to talk about sex with our parents. Secondly, whether 12 or 25, the parents’ hierarchy of reaction always ranges between the follows:

1. Ignore the question

2. “Beta, where do you hear all this from?”

3. “Iss umar main bhagwaan ka naam liya karo”

4. “Acha? How much did you score in exams this time? Oh, you work now? Where did you learn answering back like that from?”

5. “I have educated you far too much to have such immoral discussions in this house.”

Thus, we resort to das porn. Now I am not an active member of Brahamkumaris or a vigilante of moral behaviour, but so far porn has helped me with loads of crap that is just not going to help me with my relationships. So far I just know that when a girl is asking me for a coffee, she is not really asking me for a coffee.


Hundreds of men have started a new program called ‘NoFap’. The name itself is self-descriptive. For the Pogo channel lovers, you are not supposed to watch porn, masturbate and achieve orgasm for the next 30 days.

Why is it so important?

Ask yourself, how many times have your felt absolutely in control of your actions and masturbation habits? And fell helplessly down this slippery slope again? 

The idea behind it is that after years of exposure to porn and other such explicit content, neural networks are hardwired in your brain which are impossible to overcome.

So, let’s say you are browsing YouTube for some content related to your assignment and stumble upon an R- rated trailer of some movie. The next thing you will know is that you leave your assignment behind and start browsing porn again.

That is how Dopamine (the neurotransmitter which is secreted after gratification of an urge) works. NoFap for 30 days and other such small but effective lifestyle changes, if done with a positive mindset and determination can bring about a radical change in one’s life.

The people who successfully completed the duration with no relapses posted videos on YouTube about their experience and how now they feel filled with life.

Read their experience here.

So, now you know the reality of your favourite A-Rated sites. Sigh!

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