Ransomware attack has hit the headlines lately. A massive ransomware attack apparently from Ukraine has affected a lot of multinational companies (MNCs) globally. A courier giant Maersk, MNC from America Merck and an oil Giant Rosneft along with other 2,00,000 victims got hit by this massive attack so far. The attack created havoc in the international market. Instead of crying over what happened so far, let’s list out the reason why did this actually happen.

The reason behind the “WannaCry” attack

WannaCry was probably the most popular ransomware attack in the recent time. The worm affected computers using Microsoft operating systems and took advantage of the vulnerability in the software to spread the infection. It was just a matter of one click and BOOM! It destroyed all the other PCs connected to the network displaying a simple message “Oops, your files have been encrypted”. Now, It is difficult to even imagine the loss the companies have faced. Moreover, the victims had to pay ransom to get back their files. They ended up paying more than 39000 USD to restore their lost data!

Don’t worry, now you can definitely save yourself from these attacks using these top 3 anti-ransomware and anti-exploit software. Since recovering the data is almost impossible, it is better if we prevent these attacks altogether; as needless to say, prevention is better than cure.

1. Alert with Cryptoguard


A deadly combination of Hitman AntiPro Malware and Realtime blocking of malware and crypto viruses can definitely help you survive through the ransomware attack. Using the behavioral technology and cloud scanning, Hitman Pro can give zero day protection.

It has unique technologies to prevent the attacks from even reaching your computer. This anti-ransomware software also has a cryptoguard technology to save your data from Crypto-ransomware. The advancement of this software is par excellence, as it also focuses on Anti-Espionage like Webcam Notifier, Keystroke encryption and BadUSB Protection. Thus I am sure you wouldn’t mind spending on this amazing software.

2. Malwarebytes 3


Previously known for its anti malware features, this software has now integrated amazing protective features like anti-ransomware, Malwarebytes anti-exploit and PUP Protection. As already the name suggests, this wonderful combination will protect your PC from any kind of attack – be it malware, ransomware or any other exploit. Surprisingly, it also has a malicious website protection feature which will stop you from visiting any suspicious or risky websites.

The prominent features of this software are:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Exploit protection
  • Protection from malicious sites

3. Zemana antimalware


This, being my personal favourite, offers a myriad of protection to your PC. One of the best parts of the software is that it is a lightweight security solution. And that brings great protection against any ransomware attack. Along with this protection, zemana detects spyware, adware and any hardcore malware.

Adding on to this, it also has amazing features like browser clean-up. Zemana has invested years to offer the best anti-ransomware solution. Hence, you would want to get the premium version to get real-time protection.

Additionally, Windows 10 is coming up with a solution to protect your PC from ransomware.

Microsoft is coming up with an interesting feature i.e. a controlled access feature which can be accessed by the windows 10 users as a preview. This feature allows only some specific apps to access and read/write a particular folder depending on the scale of safety of the application. So a suspicious app will be blacklisted by the feature and you will get a notification. Thus, This will prevent any sort of encryption and will give you further protection. This feature is expected to make its debut in September.

Download these softwares and get a premium version to safeguard your data from any sort of malware attack.

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